11 Dec 2018


RealTek RTL8139/810x Family Driver OEMSETUP Network Driver

Company: RealTek
Model: RTL8139/810x Family Driver OEMSETUP
Operating System: Windows 95 (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)


File: 8139D_Ethernet_Adapter.zip


RealTek RTL8139/810x Family Driver OEMSETUP Driver. Driver Type Old Ver New Ver Reason

RSET8139 EXE Ver501 Ver501 None Changed

MSLANMAN DOS Ver323 Ver323 None Changed

MSLANMAN OS2 Ver321 Ver321 None Changed

NDIS2DOS Ver323 Ver323 None Changed

NDIS2OS2 Ver321 Ver321 None Changed

NWCLIENT\DOS Ver361 Ver364 1. Change the wait byte number of early interrupt from 4 to 64.2. Add NONEARLY keyword to set the 8139 to run at non-early interrupt mode.3. In mini-PCI and clock run enable the early transmit parameter should limit to 0x0a.4. Add a loop counter for early receive to prevent 8139 enter the “wait next packet” state. That will slow down the performance.

NWCLIENT\OS2 Ver313 Ver313 None Changed

NWSERVER Ver329 Ver329 None Changed

CLIENT32 Ver329 Ver329 None Changed

RTSPKT Ver321 Ver330 1. Fix the bug about "SET_ADDRESS" call not function. Must enable EEM0,EEM1 to 1,1.2. Fix the bug on "-n" command.

SCO Ver314 Ver314 None Changed

WFW311 Ver313 Ver313 None Changed

NT351 Ver378 Ver397 1. Remove Wakeup patterns when driver is removed (MiniportHalt). 2. Read MAC address directly from EEPROM.3. Add 2 custom OID:OID_RTL8139_LINK_DUPLEX and OID_RTL8139_RESET_COUNTER.4. For Cardbus, read MAC address directly from EEPROM.5. In the INF file: a. Add "Smart Power Saving" parameter (analog power on/off)b. Add "WakeUp on Link Status Change" parameter c. Rename "WakeUp Frame" to "WakeUp on ARP/PING" d. Rename "APM Mode WakeUp" to "WakeUp using APM Mode".6. When system gos into sleeping mode, set analog power to be OFF.7. Rename "Realtek RTL8139(A/B/C/8130) ..." to "Realtek RTL8139 Family ...".8. In the INF files: a. Add Sub_Vendor and Sub_System ID for WHQL . b. Add "Receive Buffer Size" parameter c. Rename "WakeUp on Link Status Change" to "WakeUp on Link Change", because the sentence length of previous parameter is to long for some Win98 PC. d. Remove "Smart Power Saving" parameter, OS will set the analog power ON/OFF state.9. Create a new NDIS4 driver to support Phoenix PowerPanel (for notebook).10. For CardBus, to support ALi chipset completely.11. Auto-Correct the wrong SpeedDuplexMode parameter,12. Fixed to prevent NIC backing to auto-negotiation mode, when NIC waked up from D1~D3 back to D0, if user define Wakeup Disable and set forced-speed mode.13. Fixed FTP download too slow issue.14. Supported NWay Foolproof Capability, such that networking can work well while users force speed to 100Full, 100Half, 10 Full or 10Half.15. If users disable "WakeUp on ARP/PING", driver has to turn off the UWF.16. When Shutdown, set/clear LinkUp by user defined of "WakeUp on Link Change - Enable/Disable".17. Add/Remove wakeup pattern depend on OS request OID.18. Restart Nway if Nway fail at first time.19. Changed the access size of PCI Configuration Space Latency Timer Register from Byte to Word.20. Rename "RTL8139 Family ..." to "RTL8139/810x Family ..." in INF files.

W95OSR2 Ver378 Ver397 Same as NT351

WIN95A Ver378 Ver397 Same as NT351

WIN98 Ver378 Ver397 Same as NT351

WINNT Ver378 Ver397 Same as NT351

WINME Ver378 Ver397 Same as NT351

WIN2000 Ver378 Ver395 Same as NT351

WINXP Ver397 New

DMI Ver1.01 Ver1.10 1. Fix bug reported by ATI.2. Support Win98

Unix Ware 7 Ver1.00 Ver2.00 1. Initialize wakeup frames2. Support both RTL8139/810x and RTL8139C+ in a single driver.

LINUX Ver1.04 Ver1.04 Refer to : http://www.scyld.com/network/rtl8139.html

FREEBSD Beta Beta New

Mac OS Ver3.00 Ver3.00 None Changed

BROM N/A None Changed

RTOS N/A None Changed

WinDiag/Win2000 Ver1.70 None Changed

WinDiag/Win9x, ME Ver1.70 None Changed

WinDiag/WinNT4 Ver1.70 None Changed

RealMP/Win9x, ME Ver1.20 New

RTLed/Win9x, ME Ver1.03 New

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